Choosing Between Disposable and Rechargeable E-cigs Of Blu Cigs, Halo Cigs and Apollo Cigs

So you probably decided to switch to electronic cigarettes and say goodbye to traditional ones? Then congratulations as that is a great step to make your life better. Now, to get you started in the right way, you need to know that there are two types of E-cigarettes: The disposables and the starter kits. Let us look further at the two and along the way we will recommend E-cig brands for you to get started to. So read on and take notes.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Perhaps the biggest advantage of disposable models is that they are usually sold in gas stations and other stores and are easily accessible. Not unlike starter kits which are usually purchased online and will still require delivery/shipping time. Disposable e-cigs are also so easy to use as these do not require charging or maintenance. Just take out of the package and puff. When it is used up, you just throw it away instead of changing out cartridges. Disposables are a great solution for people who want to try electronic cigarettes without the commitment. Disposables are usually available in menthol and tobacco flavor only and are limited to one nicotine strength too.

Best disposable E-cig: Blu cigs is the most famous and the best disposable E-cig around. They are available in 80,000 different stores in the US and its high quality and stylish disposable are best for everyone. Get blu cigs disposable in a much affordable price using this Blu cigs coupon.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

The e-cigarettes in the kits are rechargeable, which means they are reusable. They may seem to cost a lot having a high startup price that is around $50-$100, but it is not. They are more cost effective as they can be used as many times as you want to and if you chose a great Ecig brand, you’ll get a high quality starter kit that can last for up to a year or more. Everything that you need to start vaping is packaged in the one box and taken care of with one purchase. Kits include chargers, batteries, and e-liquid refills/flavor cartridges. Rechargeable E-cigarettes also give a stronger performance than disposable ones. They give thicker vapor and fuller throat hit. Furthermore, there are more options when you choose starter kits. There are more flavors, more nicotine strength, more battery options as well as E-cig accessories to choose from.

Best e-cig starter kit: Halo G6 and Halo Triton Tank is the best in the industry. The Halo G6 is perfect for beginners and they can get it for a discounted price using this Halo cigs coupon. The Halo Triton Tank on the other hand is perfect for heavy smokers as it has a bigger tank and more powerful batteries and they too can get it in a discounted price using this Halo cig coupon.

Both models work in the same way, but how they are used is different. You may discover that having both types available for use is the best choice for you. As disposables is a better option for traveling and for emergencies while starter kits are best for your day to day use. If you want to get both, then the best way to go is through Apollo cigs. Apollo cigs offer a free disposable e-cig every time you buy a starter kit. So you’ll get both in one buy. Furthermore, with this Apollo cigs coupon: get 25% off discount. So take advantage of it now.

Cheapest Starter Kits: V2 cigs, Apollo, Halo

V2, Apollo and Halo E-cigarettes have different models of starter kits for different target markets. The models have different prices for the starter kits as well.

Apollo E-Cigarettes Starter Kit Prices

The Apollo starter kits exists in four models namely the Apollo standard starter kit, the Apollo Superior Kit, the V tube Kit and the Apollo Extreme starter kit. The cheapest of the four is the Apollo Standard starter kit which has a price tag of $64.4.This kit comes with two Apollo automatic batteries, one five pack standard customizer, one portable charger case ,one USB charger and an instruction manual. The Apollo Superior Kit goes for $74.6 while the V Tube kit retails at a price of $122.9. The Apollo Extreme starter is the most expensive and it retail at $133.56.

V2 E-cigarette Starter Kit Prices

The V2 electronic cigarettes have different prices for the starter kits depending on the model. The Beginners Kit, which has one standard battery, six flavor cartridges, one V2 disposable and one Express charger goes for $34.95. The Standard E-Liquid kit which has two batteries, two Platinum E-liquid, one charger kit and a user manual goes for $79.95.The standard kit is priced at $59.95 and it comes with two batteries, 10 flavor cartridges, a user manual and one charger kit. The standard plus kit is sold at $99.95 while the Ex standard plus kit goes for $124.The V2 couples kit is priced at $174 while the ultimate kit goes for $179.75.

Halo E-Cigarettes Starter Kit Prices

Unlike the other two brands that have numerous models of electronic cigarette kits, Halo only has two types of kits. The two kits are the Halo G6 model and the Halo Triton model. The Halo Triton starter kit is a battery and customizer set up that is very powerful. The starter kit for this model goes for $64.99 with few changes arising depending on the colors and the flavor. The Triton starter kit is loaded with two triton batteries, two clear triton tanks, one black cone, one USB charger, one wall adapter and one Halo case. The second Halo starter kit is he Halo G6 Electronic Cigarette kit. Halo has a very cut and dry starter kit options when it comes to the G6.The starter kit goes for $44.99 and it comes with two Halo batteries, 15 flavor cartridges, one wall adapter, one USB charger and a Halo case.

In conclusion The three brands of electronic cigarettes offer a wide variety of starter kits with the V2 electronic cigarette having the highest number of kits types and Halo with the lowest. The cheapest V2 E- cigarette starter kit retails at $34.95.The cheapest Apollo starter kit retails at $64.4 while the cheapest Halo starter kit has a price tag of 44.9. Therefore V2 E-cigarettes offers the cheapest starter kit in the market. This is the V2 Beginners kit. However the other V2 starter kits are expensive with the prices of some being higher than the prices of Halo and Apollo starter kits. But we can say that the three brands have awesome starter kits that are just so affordable and each dollar you spend on them is worth it because of their high quality products. They even offer V2 cigs coupons, Halo cigs coupons and Apollo cigs coupons for you to get their E-cig starter kits in a more affordable price. Take advantage of them today.

Factors To Consider In Choosing E-cigarettes And Some Recommendations Too

2014.01.10 ecigologist 061 Factors To Consider In Choosing E cigarettes And Some Recommendations Too

New to the world of electronic cigarettes? Then for sure you feel overwhelmed with so many E-cig brands and types to choose from right? Gone are the days where you only have 3 options of E-cig brands. The E-cigarette industry has grown and there is now a plethora of options available for you. This is a great thing but at the same time it is also confusing to choose. How can you be sure to choose the perfect E-cigarette for you? Here is a guide for you to make the perfect choice.

There are many types of E-cigs around some are focused to convenience while others are focused in strong performance. If you are a beginner though, you should opt into the cig-a-like type where it replicates the exact smoking experience. After you get used to using e-cigarettes, appearance may not be as important to you and you can choose those bulky ones that can give you thicker vapor, but when you first make the switch it can be very helpful to choose something that really resembles a cigarette.

Vapor Production
The amount of vapor produced is extremely important when choosing an E-cigaretre. Usually more vapor is always a good thing because the thicker the vapor the more realistic the experience is. But it is still up to you. Some brands produce milder vapor like Blu cigs and some people love it because it is not overwhelming. Choose the right type of vapor for you.

Nicotine Levels
How much nicotine you’ll need is an important part to consider when choosing your E-cigarette. If you are a heavy smoker, it may be a good idea to find a brand that offer 2.4% like Apollo ecigs. If you are a regular smoker though, 1.8% is enough for more users. There are also lower doses which goes up to 0%.

Even though the nicotine is what you are really looking for at the beginning and flavor is just a bonus element, you would be surprise how choosing the right flavors will matter to your experience. The right flavors can help you quit nicotine totally and enjoy vaping without it. So choose the right flavors. If you love traditional ones then there are many tobacco flavors in the industry. The best ones are at V2 cigs and Halo cigs. There are also exotic options for you such as chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to batteries. First is its lifespan. You should choose a battery that with last long. Second, you should choose a starter kit that comes with more than one battery so you can always keep a spare in case the one you’re using runs out. Third is to know which battery type you need. There’s automatic where all you need to do is puff into the E-cig and then there’s manual where you need to push a button each time you puff in order to power your E-cigarette. Automatic is convenient to use while manual can provide you with more control options.

Top E-cigarette Recommendation

Following the guide above will lead you to that perfect E-cig that will give you a great vaping experience. Our favorite brands when it comes to e-cigs though are Blu cigs, Halo cigs and Apollo cigs. All three brands produce high quality E-cigarettes with great flavors to choose from and have great customer services to help and assist people too. All three brands are very reputable brands so you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. Furthermore, all three brands sell their products in very affordable prices and that’s not all they even have Blu cigs coupons, Halo cigs coupons and Apollo cigs coupons for you to use and get instant discounts. So what are you waiting for? Try them today!

Save up to 35% off all V2 Cigs Items

v2 cigs review 28 Save up to 35% off all V2 Cigs Items

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Here’s what you should stock up on now before they go back to regular price:

EX Blanks

If you prefer to refill your own flavor cartridges, V2 Cigs EX blanks make for the best purchase. These new blank cartridges have undergone a major upgrade and they definitely make refilling your v2 cigs cartridges even easier. They come in a streamlined design that delivers improved liquid efficiently, plus they are also refillable up to 20 times.

Zig-Zag E-Liquid (60 mL)

To enhance your vaping experience, V2 Cigs has recently introduced new flavors from the iconic tobacco brand Zig-Zag.

This e-liquid kit contains 10 ML bottles of Zig-Zag E-Liquid in your choice of flavor. Each bottle comes with a dropper built into the lid, for easy refill. You can choose from six different flavors namely Traditional, Menthol, Clove, Mango, Island Breeze and Dragonberry. Plus, this product is compatible with any liquid blank cartridge, including V2 Classic and EX Blanks.

V2 Portable Charging Case XL

Although battery life is not a concern of most V2 Cigs users, it helps to always be prepared. The V2 Portable Charging Case XL allows you to charge a standard battery up to 8 times, ensuring you will never run out of battery anytime, anywhere. In addition, this charging device also doubles as a case that can protect your V2 batteries and Flavor Cartridges from damage and exposure.

Take advantage of this 2-day sale and head over to the v2 cigs website now!

Apollo Cig Coupons

Another great coupon that provide is Apollo ecig coupon. Apollo is another great brand that one should try. They have a great selection of starter kits, thick vapor production and an awesome customer service. Try them out today using Apollo coupons to get as much as 30% discount.

Vapor Zone (Vapor Fi) Review: Will It Suit Your Taste?

This Vapor Zone Review will not convince you to make a switch but it will not fail to make you have second thoughts about the brand you’re using. The starter kit of this brand is incredibly remarkable that’s why it has been moved to the number one spot. There are many things to love about Vapor Zone and the customized vape mixes is just one of the many. It is one of the most recommended brands in the market today and there’s simple a long list why.

  • Custom Vapor Mixing

What vapour mix suit your taste? It is very important that you find the vape flavour that you like because this is one of the reasons that will make you decide to shift from tobacco smoking to e-cigarette smoking. There are quite a number of mixes available in the market and finding the right one might be easier than you think.

However, with the custom vapour mixing offered by Vapor Zone, market demand shifted from the regular mixes to customized ones that will fit particular people and their special tastes. They’ve got 54 different e-liquids that you can simply mix and match to fit your liking. For example, you may go for the creamy strawberry vape by mixing the regular strawberry flavour with the cream one. All you need is to tell vapour Zone what you like and they will have it made fresh.

  • Taste and Vape Volume

After all the tastes have been tried, it is important that you put careful consideration to the vapour volume as well. Although the blend doesn’t often create the vapour volume alone, it does help of you make sure that you use the right type. To be obvious about what you may need to keep up with the desired volume, you need to have enough battery strength and that’s exactly what Vapor Zone has. The volume is particularly good because of the combination of these two e-cig factors. There’s really nothing more than other brands can offer that could beat this.

 Vapor Zone (Vapor Fi) Review: Will It Suit Your Taste?

  • Any Discounts? Price?

The price of Vapor Zone will blow you away. It is at par with the other brands in the industry but is quality is undeniably better. You can get its vapour for less than 5 cents per ml. For the taste and experience that it offers, this price falls right into your pocket. There are quite a couple of brands whose e-cig vape can take a toll on your budget. It can be a breather to know that this brand offers high quality products for a very good price.

Apart from the affordable rates that they offer, this brand also comes with their very own Vapor Fi coupon codes that make their items even more affordable. Their started kits are always sold for something less to encourage more people to take that huge shift from tobacco smoking to e-cigarette smoking. With these discount coupons on hand, you’ll be able to get the e-cig piece that you want for huge savings.

There are so many things to love about Vapor Zone and this vapor fi review will only make it easier for you to make the choice when it comes down to picking only one e-cig brand.

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